Case studies

AMCS (Appearance & Conference Management Software)

When a law firm approached us explaining that they currently print about 2000 pages each morning to take to court I knew there had to be a better solution. To better understand how bad it was:

Each night this firm would recieve over 40 case files for court the next day (Via email). They would then have to print them sometime after 10PM when they recieved them and before 7:30am when the attorneys would come get the days case load and head to meet with a refereee about forclosing on a property. The attorneys would take about 10 to 15 files each with about 200 pages with them. You can imagine what they looked like walking into court hold all those files. They would then be getting emails with updated documents for some of the files. During the conferences they would take handwritten notes on each file to track what actions would need to be taken next. They would then give those notes to a legal secratary to decipher, put together and email for their clients explaining the out come and then bill for those cases. This became a bigger issue when the law firm wanted to expan into other counties and take on more cases. They needed even more staff then attorneys to handle this and the scaling just did not make any sense.

JoeIncorporated built a tablet freindly we based system. When emails came in at night they would automatically get forwarded to the server. The server would then parse the attachments. Look for the attachment with the date, time and location of the court appearance and add it to a calender. It would then create a digital case file per property so that it can be checked later for other cases that related to the same property. It added all the information and attached all documents from the email. Now the attorneys would check their email in the morning and just have a single email with a list of appearances for which they were expected to cover. They would log in to the system and only have access to their cases. They could see all the attachments, notes from past cases and any other info they needed. They could upload new attachments send out attachments, take notes and update statuses.

The system would then generate simple outcome reports for their clients and they were emailed the same day with much more accuracy. Guess what: this made invoicing and getting paid quicker easier and more accurate. Most attorneys were using an iPad some were using android tablets and phones while others would use laptops. This proved to be a great durable solution that hit their every need.

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