Process and Pricing

Pre - sale

Step One

We listen as you describe your current processes and challenges. We ask questions – and we listen some more. Together we identify the challenges to be resolved and benefits to be achieved.

Step TWO

We provide a detail proposal of our recommendations for resolving the challenges and improving processes. The proposal will include a timeline of anticipated implementation of these recommendations.

Step Three

Upon final agreement on strategies and implementation of the proposed solutions, terms of payment will be established and work will commence as per the approved timeline of implementation.


Step Four

Visuals are provided for client feedback throughout the process. Client input is encouraged and utilized at every stage of development.

Step Five

Constructionand implementation of design is begun on the 'sandbox site,' a temporary version of the envisioned solution that is only visible to the developers and the client. The construction phase is an ongoing process that continues until the final product meets the exact goals established in the design agreement.

From a Conceptual Thought to Reality

Every project the JoeIncorporated takes on is a custom solution for that particular client. Each project is estimated and priced based on its own unique specifications with payment terms clearly outlined in the project agreement.

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