Case studies

School Dismissal System

When a private schoo with over 1000 students approached me asking me to help them organize dismissal time I asked them my usualy question what is your challenge. They explained that with over 1000 studneds being dismissed at the same time and busses coming to the parking lot dismissal is pure mayhem. They were having a teacher stand outside and calling the office to let the office know where each bus was parked. They would then try to announce over the PA system which bus had arrived and which lane and parking spot the bus was waiting. As you can imagine with multiple busses pulling in at the same time teachers and office staff could not get the messages to the students fast enough. Students could not keep track of what was already annouced and which busses were yet to arrive. The situation create rukus every day at dismissal.

JoeIncorporated went down to visit the facilities to see if there was some kind of high tech solution that could be implemented quickly, cheaply that would be reliable. That is when we came up with the school dismissal system. Simple, elegant yet relaible and it even fit the schools limited budget.

We noticed that there were screens in some of the common areas of the school building. These screens were all wired to the office. We attached a simeple old laptop with a browser. Now the bus monitor stand outside and when a bus drives up they can either send a text, email or update a simple field on a mobile freindly web page with two fields. Spot number and Bus No. Whenever the monitor sends this info the screens all play a sound and the box that represents that spot get highlighted and shows the bus number. This eliminated communication between the monitor and the office and between the office and students. Now any student can take a look at the screen and view all the busses in the parking lot. This solution is currently being used in a few schools with much success.

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